Deng Shuenn Industrial CO., LTD.

Deng Shuenn Industrial CO., LTD.

Deng Shuenn Industrial Co., Ltd. started manufacturing sports and massage equipments in 1988 and was an OEM for motorsbefore then. The AC/DC motors are independently developed and manufactured by Deng Shuenn Co., proving ourresearch capacity and sophisticated technology which satisfy our clients' needs. In recent years, we have alsostarted the manufacturing of high-quality sports and massage products. Due to our stringent quality control, weare able to have our shares in the global market of fitness equipment. We sincerely welcome you to work with usand create a bright future.

ABOUT Deng Shuenn

Deng Shuenn Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan and we were an OEM for motors of fans, blenders, aquariums, slot machines, etc. at the beginning. Since 1...[more]

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