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  • Crazy fit

    Crazy fit

    Oscillating/pivotal vibration makes a lot more sense, too. Your body is designed around your spinal column. When you walk, you have to balance your weight from left to right like a see-saw. When using an oscillatory vibration machine, the affected muscl

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  • Belt Massager

    Belt Massager

    Slimming massage shapes and tones target areas for a firmer look and effective resistance workout to carve legs, waist, tomach, legs, and more. It's 6 different massage speeds and temporarily stimulates blood circulation in the applied areas, soothing

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  • Chi Machine

    Chi Machine

    The Chi massager produces a motion through the recumbent body, similar to a swimming fish, which relieves compression from between the vertebrae and alleviates stress and tension on the spinal column. Elevating the feet is also a proven technique for relie

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